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In a Nutshell

OPlabs is a company with three purposes: to design websites, to provide invention implementation services, and to provide freelance writing content.

How it Began

OPlabs has a funny story about its founding. Oliver (founder, CEO, master of the universe etc.) originally made the company because he wanted to manufacture a design from a patent of his. However, this failed. Ever seeking better oppurtunities, Oliver took his company and shifted to counseling. He assembled a group of friends and they determined their marketable skills and found, to their surprise, broad demand for their specific services. So they made THIS website. Home base for OPlabs is High Technology High School in Lincroft, NJ.

Examples of Past Writing

We couldn't think of anywhere else to put this, so: We've written quite a few articles finding their way around the web, including this article written for the Onion News and multiple articles written for,, and An example of these is this article. We provide appropriate, professional content no matter what the situation is, whether it be humor, technology, or even fashion.

B2- About

Have questions? Send us an email. If you want to talk about our idea-to-product process, discuss our
writing experience, or talk about the meaning of life, we're cool with that. We gladly accept suggestions
on web design or witty comments for comic relief. Have a great day.

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